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We Vote MN is the largest nonpartisan Get Out the Vote effort in Minnesota. Our goal is to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard on Election Day. This is a coalition effort of dozens of nonprofits throughout the state. Our goal is to have face-to-face conversations primarily in communities of color to ensure that people know when, how and why to vote on November 8th.

You can be involved with We Vote MN! Click here to sign up!

Get Involved and Get Paid!

We’re seeking motivated people to talk to voters before November’s election. Short-term opportunities to make a difference and earn $18/hour, up to $570 in 4 days.


Parade to the Polls

Bring residents to march to early voting centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our “Parade to the Polls” event helps to elevate the importance of voting and removing barriers that prevent eligible voters from participating in our democracy while also celebrating the right to vote in our communities. (more…)

National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day-Sept 25, 2018 from 8 am-8 pm. Our 12 hour blitz for this call of action on this day. Our event is planned for all of the We Vote MN Coalition Partners to participate.. We have a goal of 1000 registrations and 2000 pledges for this day! (more…)